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The Walk In Travel Clinic does not always operate in Banbury on Saturdays

Travel Vaccinations

Looking for COVID19 PCR tests for travel? Please click here for our test and home and post to lab COVID19 test (results sent by email)


Be Prepared Before You Travel Abroad - COVID 19 restrictions are in place for travel to and from many countries. Consult the FCO website for advice BEFORE booking any travel abroad

If you plan to travel to certain countries, we recommend specific vaccinations and immunizations. Read about your destination and find out what problems you might encounter. We can help by giving you information about various diseases and viruses that you can meet in your travels. We carry all kinds of travel vaccinations at low prices and do not charge an appointment fee.

The  Walk In Travel Clinics at Marston Pharmacy Oxford and Frosts Pharmacy, Banbury can make sure that you and your family are protected wherever you travel. The Walk In Travel Clinic is ideal for business travellers, students, holiday makers and pilgrims who need an easy, speedy and convenient travel health service.

We can give you advice on staying healthy, supply malaria medication, and administer travel vaccinations without a doctor's prescription (subject to certain medical conditions).

The Walk In Travel Clinics at Marston Pharmacy and Frosts Pharmacy Banbury are designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres and have been authorised by NaTHNaC (as the regulatory body for England, Wales and Northern Ireland), to administer yellow fever vaccine in accordance with International Health Regulations (2005).

You can find Walk In Travel Clinics within Marston, Oxford and Frosts Pharmacy, Banbury.

Please call in at any time for a pre-travel assessment.

Recommended Travel Vaccinations & Prices (*prices per dose) 

  • travel vaccinationsCholera £59.95 (total course - 2 sachets)
  • Chickenpox £74.99* Now back in Stock - Oct 2022
  • Hepatitis A £57.99 
  • Hepatitis B £49.99* 
  • Hepatitis A+B £79.99
  • Hepatitis A+Typhoid £90.95
  • Japanese Encephalitis £95.99* 
  • Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) £49.95*
  • Meningitis ACWY £71.99*
  • Meningitis B £116 (per dose)
  • Rabies £65.99* (Rabipur) or £75.99 (Verorab - unlicensed) Now back in Stock- Sept 2022
  • Shingles £185.95
  • Tetanus/Diphtheria/Polio (Revaxis) £39.95
  • Typhoid Oral Course £39.99
  • Typhoid Injection £39.99
  • Tick borne encephalitis £69.95*
  • Yellow Fever (Stamaril) £65.99 -

Travel Vaccinations Marston

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Travel Vaccinations Banbury

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